JUNE 16 - JUNE 22



WAIT FOR IT … the fun and craziness starts on Tuesday at VBS as we learn about God’s ROCK.SOLID.TRUTH!  Volunteers, remember to be here by 2 PM as we’ll have almost 90 energetic, smiling kids. Thanks to everyone who is serving, praying and/or donating! #WeAppreciateYou.

Fun Opportunity Alert! 🎉 Calling all eager volunteers! 🌟 Remember the excitement of the Kohler Picnic Fundraiser? Well, guess what? While the Food Vault is taking a breather this year, the FRC Uth team is stepping up to make it a blast! 🚀 And they need YOUR help. Join in on the fun and support their mission trip to Nicaragua! 🌍 You’ll have a great time, with great company and of course, a FREE meal for all our volunteers! 😋 Sign up is one click away [HERE] for our online readers. 


Worship Next Week …will include our VBS kids! You won’t want to miss seeing the joy for God in the VBS kids hearts!

Online Bulletin Posting Change. Beginning July 1, the bulletin will likely post to frcoostburg.org either later on Friday or Saturday morning. We know there’s dedicated Thursday reader’s out there however, due to scheduling conflicts, we can no longer guarantee a Thursday post! 

We’re Movin’ On Upto a deluxe apartment in the sky (trivia buffs - email us the TV show of this theme song without googling it and we’ve got a prize for you)!  But, we digress. It happens. Frequently. Closet Cleaning Adventures are getting more interesting ya’ all. We’re uncovering items that are actually worthy of being prizes, from the strangest places!! So…our SERVE team survey count is sitting at 100. This Editor is still longing to meet the goal of 150. So the next 5 people to fill out the survey [click here] will get a prize from our newly found “stash”.

Speaking of Closet Cleaning …we experienced serious nostalgia this week when we were gifted 10 DVD’s of the Oostburg Centennial Musical entitled ‘From Sea to Shining Sea’, which was anchored by our very own Sr. Choir!  Get your copy before we have no memory of  what DVD’s are…This could be a fun night with a bowl of popcorn and a cold drink! Contact Peg or Jill in the office for your very own copy. We’ll autograph it if you wish.


☑️ Twenty-eight (28) families were served at last week’s food pick-up. Total food value of the food boxes topped $4,333 but the cost to FRC was $357!  These coupon queens should start a podcast…

☑️Congratulations to Collin & Zyta (nee’ Mueller) Kildea who were married by Pastor Toby on Sat., June 1st in Fort Pierce, FL.  

☑️ Did you know there’s a high need for foster parents in Sheboygan County? Please consider stopping by the Fellowship Hall on June 23rd after worship for an informational meeting on the continuing need for foster parents in our county, including requirements for being a foster parent and a Q&A session.

☑️ The Deacons thank you! So far the amount collected in June’s special monthly offering for our local family in need is $1,578. Your compassion and consideration to give is appreciated. Another way to help is to keep this mom and two children who have multiple needs on your prayer list.

☑️ A couple opportunities to keep on your radar - a One Day Bible Study on the book of Esther is happening on Sat., July 20 from 9 am to 3 pm at Oostburg CRC! Register at firstcrcoostburg.org/StudyEsther. And make your way to the Love INC bulletin board (it’s on your way to the coffee & cookies) to check out the Putt Fore Love Golf Outing & Fundraiser as well as the product donation needs for the Love INC Gap Ministry (practical items are needed - easy shopping).

☑️Attendance last Sunday was 312. The Offering was $27,949. The average weekly giving needed to meet budget is $19,135.   

Did you Save the Date? July 21st is the Family Mini-Golf & Brat Fry at Sunset Hills sponsored by Men’s Ministries. Speaking of golf, Roving Reporter uncovered that Pastor Bob visited the Old Course at St. Andrews - yup, the renowned, oldest golf course in the world. What’s the chances he acquired any tips that will help his golf game? Probably none. So there’s no worries our Leader will take prizes at the mini-golf event. But the pics are nice.


Deuteronomy 1:31: "The Lord your God carried you, as a father carries his son."

Enjoy today’s pre-service countdown video - there’s just no better way to honor fathers than with “dad jokes”, or is there? We’re starting the countdown at 8:59 AM so some of you might need to get to your seat :60 seconds earlier than normal….! :🙃



9 AM Worship “Deliverance |The Irony“ - Pastor Bob
Scripture: Exodus 2:1-10 


6:15 PM Elder’s Meeting 

7:00 PM Consistory Meeting


9 AM Prayer Circle (Leader: Delores, Hostess: Alice)

1:30 PM CANCELED: Stitching for a Cause

2:30 PM VBS


2:30 PM VBS


2:30 PM VBS

5:00 PM VBS Program & Family Dinner


6/23 9AM WORSHIP: “Deliverer | The Prequel“  - Pastor Bob
Scripture: Exodus 2:11-125 
Come join us
as FRC’s VBS kids lead us in worship

JUN 23: Foster Parenting Presentation (10:15)

JUN 23: Camp Manitoqua

JUN 23: Acts 29

JUN 25: Eernisse Circle

JUL 6: Men’s Prayer Breakfast (6 AM, Judi’s) Click here to register

JUL 21: Family Mini-Golf & Brat Fry at Sunset Hills 

JUL 31: Noah’s Ark (area incoming 6th - 8th graders)

AUG 1-4:  FRC Family Camping Weekend

SEP 4: Grill & Chill 

SEP 7: Annual Men’s Golf Scramble at Autumn Ridge 


Prayer Warriors - new to our prayer list is Tracey Anderson who’s been diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. She’ll be starting treatment shortly. 🙏  Also keep Jean Kohls, Shannon Van Ess, Suzie Brusse and Terri Mentink actively in prayer as they are at various stages of chemo, radiation and/or immunotherapy treatment. And let’s lift up Mary Rauwerdink as she will be having another scan shortly and we pray for good results..

No new hospitalizations to report but many on our recovery and recuperation list! Pray all of these folks regain strength and, in some cases, increased mobility: Makenna Hoffmann (we do hope she got her favorite ice cream, Mom?), Rita Harmeling, Dean Mentink, Henry Teunissen, Mary Ann Trgovec and Nyande Josiah).

Also this week, we’re focusing prayers on Samaritan’s Hand ministry in Sheboygan. In fact, Lindee Brill will be joining us in worship on June 30th to give us an update!