MAY 12 - 18



CELEBRATING FRC’s Women of Faith - Ladies, if you haven’t already received your small gift, please take one after services from the baskets in the narthex!  “Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” Proverbs 31:30

WOW. #WeAreSpeechless!  Last week we asked for FRC’ers to fill the “pie donation” slots for the June 9 Graduating Into Summer Party.  It seemed like the only fair thing to do considering all the “brownie donation” slots were full. Equal treatment between desserts, you know. We’re speechless because ALL of the pie donation slots are also now filled. Clearly, pie-making is NOT a lost artform at FRC. Thank you to everyone who signed up to bake!

And speaking of the Graduating into Summer party on June 9, sign-up is bustling. Click HERE to check it out and get in on the action! We so appreciate you signing up sooner than later to help us plan for the proper number of pie slices and brownie squares. This is a fun event to spend some time outdoors with FRC family, unleash the kids to yard games and kickball, win a “prize” in bingo or trivia, and be treated to a slice of pie or a brownie (with ice cream, of course)! It’s also a fun way to welcome Pastor Bob back from Scotland and find out if he’s: a) purchased a kilt? b) took bagpipe lessons? c) drove on the wrong side of the road and d) if so, how many near misses did he cause? AND, based on some feedback from the Missions Circle (the very nice ladies who provide the Editor with homemade torte at their circle-gatherings🩵), our event organizers will be creating a special parking area for our senior saints. In fact, the walk from parking to the shelter at Gibbsville park is quite short.


Off to a Great Start! VBS registration is OPEN and active! If you haven’t signed your kids up yet, don’t miss the opportunity to have them splash into fun as they discover God's Rock Solid TRUTH in a world of sinking sand. For efficiency, you can register via the QR code below. 

FRC - We Need You for some easy VBS support roles. Can you place a band-aid? Help with crafts? Set up for our VBS Family meal? We know you can! Click this LINK to read about volunteer opportunities and to sign-up!


The ACCST’s Need You!  The After-Church Coffee Serving Team (ACCST’s) is recruiting Servers! This ministry enables the fellowship and connections that happen after church in the Fellowship Hall with FRC’ers, and visitors!  The July - Oct. schedule is in planning and based on history, your turn would come up only a few times during that period. Just give Joan Dykstra a jingle at 920.564.3591 or email her at to volunteer! 

Sometimes You Just Need … a cookie! Yup, especially after service in the Fellowship Hall. We appreciate the bakers that answered last week’s call to help curb our after-service cravings for cookies! If we could get a little more action on the digital sign-up or on the clipboard near the cookies that would be of great help!


Do you or someone you know who lives in Oostburg, Gibbsville, or Hingham need a little extra help?  We'd love to serve you at the drive up food distribution this Tuesday night at the FRC Parsonage garage from 6 - 7:00PM.

Our sympathy to Jack & Jean Kohls with respect to the passing of Jack’s sister, Darlene Garbisch, on May 7th.

Our Special Investigative Reporter (yes, we have one of these, along with Roving Reporter. We had a Sports Editor but we think he resigned after losing the Cornhole tournament…) has learned that there will be cookies, coffee and punch on Sunday, May 19 after the worship service  in celebration of our graduates. Everyone is welcome! It’s also Baccalaureate this day…2 PM at FRC.

The Love INC brat fry and bake sale a few weeks ago netted $3,500. Thanks to all who donated time or goods to this fundraiser. 

☑ Attendance last Sunday was 312. The Offering was $20,227. The May month-to-date total for Special Offering (FRC Youth 2025 International trip) is $84.  

You can sign-up for events or serve opportunities in four easy ways: by clicking the underlined links (for online bulletin readers), online at, in-person at the Welcome Center or call the office at 920.564.2319.


Did you know that in 1919 two members of the church were “called on the carpet” by the Consistory for trying to organize a public dance in the village. Sounds a bit scandalous to this Editorial staff.

And on March 21, 1924 the FRC congregation approved, by a vote of 130 - 59, to have individual communion cups? Inquiring minds wonder how one took communion prior to the individual cups? A shared cup? And later that same year, hold on to your hats, is the first time FRC’s Consistory notes were recorded in English…yup, before that it was Dutch so even our Investigative Reporter is stumped as to what went on prior to that date.

For more cool insights into the past, you should seriously consider being on the 175th Celebration Team gearing up this Summer. If you love history or events planning, contact Kathy Hurlbutt at


The Deacons have designated the Mission of the Month for May towards the initial deposit needed for the 2025  Summer International Youth Mission Trip. The Uth team is looking at partnering with the RCA and CEPAD which is where Nicole Opgenorth, daughter of Pastor Jon Opgenorth (a son of this Church) is serving in Nicaragua.

Last week we found the FRC’s Deacons (the motley crew on the left, definitely not to be confused with Motley Crue…) and the Mulch Girls of FRC (someone has to project manage the boyz) working hard to beautify the Prayer Garden.

Deacons are a resource for you. If you’re aware of someone within our church or community who could use a helping hand or is in need of assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to a Deacon. The Deacons staff the Welcome Center each week before and after the worship service. Or, you can find them counting the offering in the kitchen post-service and simply ask to talk to one of them. 



6:30 PM - ACTS 29 (Fellowship Hall)


6:30 PM - Reach & Connect Team (Library)


1:30 PM: Stitching for a Cause

6 PM: Food pick-up (parsonage)


7 PM: Serve Team Meeting (Library)


NOW - JUN 3: Pastor Bob’s Sabbatical

Next Sunday’s Sermon: “Pentecostal Power” 
Scripture Reference: Acts 10 
Pastor: Brian Taylor 

MAY 19: Graduate Sunday Reception (10:15) & Baccalaureate (2 PM)

MAY 19: Deacon’s Mtg (NEW TIME & LOCATION: 10:45 AM in The Shed)

MAY 20: Elders Mtg (6:15 PM); Consistory (7 PM)

JUN 9:  Graduating into Summer Party (Gibbsville Park). If rained out - Fellowship Hall

JUN 12: Trek Back to the Ark

JUN 18-20: VBS adventure awaits! Mark your calendars (2:30 PM - 5:00 PM) 

JUN 23: Camp Manitoqua

JUL 31: Noah’s Ark (area incoming 6th - 8th graders)

AUG 1-4:  FRC Family Camping Weekend

SEP 7: Annual Men’s Golf Scramble at Autumn Ridge 


A Note from Howie & SueThank you to our FRC family for your calls, cards, visits and prayers for the past 2 ½ years. Thank you to Pastors Brian and Bob for your calls, texts and prayers; and to Sandy Schmit for the visits, food and always checking on us! Please pray for a good report for the scan on May 20th. 

Prayers of praise that Jon Hoffman is doing well following his heart attack and pray that he continues to do well. And pray for Mary Ann Trgovec (Bob Sheehy’s wife) who is recuperating at home from a virus and pneumonia while also struggling with severe arthritis. And remember Sandy Brill as she receives physical therapy following knee replacement.

Keep our FRC’ers on a cancer journey daily on your prayer list - Jean Kohls is awaiting a new treatment plan and for her care team to discern next steps; Suzie Brusse is recovering from another chemo dose and is awaiting an upcoming scan. Mary Rauwerdink is scheduled for chemo this week so prayers for minimal side effects as well as effective treatment; similarly Shannon Van Ess is beginning radiation treatments and Terri Mentink has started her maintenance treatment plan. Please keep the families of these individuals on the top of your prayer list as well.

🙏For this week we will be praying for JP in the Middle East. He has submitted the following prayer requests: 1) Lift up those who are taking our training course. This semester it is focused on how to maintain a healthy balance between work, ministry, and family.  2) Pray for the two families who will be coming to join our training program this June. They have lots of logistics to figure out, but the Lord has been faithful to bring things together.  3) Pray for me as I continue to find places to connect with local guys. It has not been very successful. There is a lot of ministry activity above, but it can be discouraging when we feel we’re not doing on-the-ground ministry here.  4) I will be speaking at a conference of ministry leaders from Africa, who are looking at greater mobilization of Africans coming to the region. Pray for wisdom as I speak, good connections with people, that we see how the Lord is leading in mobilizing the African church to come to the region. 5) I am involved in a media campaign that uses social media to connect with locals interested in the Gospel. Pray that locals see the ads on social media, and respond.