Order of Worship

June 23, 2024 

Kick-off: VBS Wrap Video 

Welcome, Announcements & Invocation 

Blessings for Camp Manitoqua Campers 

Call to Worship: Transformed (with VBS Kids) 

Children’s Sermon 

Pastoral Prayer 

Congregational Song: You’ve Already Won 

Scripture: Exodus 2:11- 25 

Message: Deliverance | The Prequel 

Offertory / Praise Ye The Lord / Prayer 


Closing Hymn: Feed the Fire (Camp Manitoqua Song) 

Worship Participants

Pastors - Bob Rook, Brian Taylor, Toby Thomack 

VBS Worship Team - Toby Thomack, Peg Lemkuil, Kevin Niebauer, Justin Oliver & VBS Kids