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April 14 - 20


📝 Sign-Ups Are Easy -

  1. Online Readers: click the underlined link in the articles, often disguised under the name “link”.
  2. FRC’s website - put in your browser and view the sign-up’s on our home page.
  3. Stop at the Welcome Center or the Church Office and tell us your intent and we’ll sign you up!


Please give an FRC warm welcome to Dr. Felix Theonugraha, President of Western Theological Seminary in Michigan, who is bringing us the message today and will be hosting a session during the Sunday School hour. Stop on by the northside of the Fellowship Hall with your coffee and cookies! 

FACT or FICTION?  Maple Glazed French Toast +  Bacon is currently the leading menu item on order for the April 28th Oma's on Sunday? Oma’s is a “by donation” fundraiser to support our High Schoolers going on the Trek to the Ark trip. We hate to interrupt our normal bulletin programming but we’ve got to tell the newer FRC folks (including regular visitors!) you simply don’t want to miss an Oma’s on Sunday breakfast!  These are mouth-watering breakfast items your mother probably never made for you! You simply fill out a menu to make your selections, and arrive at your selected serving time. Our wait staff will ensure your delicious order appears in front of you. Throw a donation in the basket, chit chat with friends, and then head on over to worship! There are hard copy menus too, at the high top tables in the Narthex. [Fact or Fiction Answer: Fact]

Expect a takeover of next Sunday’s worship…by our FRC youth as it’s Uth Sunday. Here’s a few things you may experience - the Uth practicing their leadership skills, an energizing rendition of Nothing But the Blood, and a message delivered by our own Justin Oliver entitled “Love Long in the Land”.

And, Speaking of Youth. There’s a TIME CHANGE for the Middle School Large Group Party. It is Wed., April 24 from 6PM - 8 PM in the Shed with hot dogs, chips, s’mores, a bonfire, cornhole, Nuke ‘Em (ok, not even going to ask what Nuke ‘Em is…) and so much more. The Small Group parties will be Wed., May 1.

Is Your Weekend ALL BOOKED? It should be as there’s lots of new books in our Library for your reading enjoyment. And Karen Kingsbury fans, you’ll find many new reads from this #1 New York Times Bestselling Author. Well, one of these books is missing-in-action…there are advantages to writing the news before our trusty Readers view it! You’ll find the Kingsbury books featured on the Library desk.


The CHALLENGE. Let’s fill in the few remaining food donation items needed for the April 25th Love INC New Way Meal that we, as a partner church, are sponsoring. This is such an easy way to give to those who need help and are working to transition their lives to a more healthy situation. 🙏Thank you to those who have already signed up!  Here’s the challenge: let’s get this sign-up completed by the end of the weekend! If you’ve not made friends with digital, then you know how to get this done - talk to our friendly Concierge (is that not a fancy word for our smiling Welcome Center volunteers?). In fact, let’s give this week’s Concierge, Robbie Van Ginkel, a little business and make him work up a sweat signing people up - food donations, Oma menus, Bake sale volunteers…put him to the test ya’ all! 

A Perfect Retiree Opportunity! How about spending just a few hours (11:30 - 1 PM or 1 PM - 2:30 PM) on Sat., April 27 manning the Love INC bake sale table at the Pig. The dual Brat Fry and Bake Sale is by donation only so there’s no fancy cash system for you to deal with. Your job will be protecting the donation box and restocking the treat table! Easy peasy. Just need 2-3 people to email Diane Joosse at or let someone at the Welcome Center or FRC office know you’re “in”! 


We extend our Christian sympathy to Tedd & Terri Mentink on the passing of Tedd’s father, Ronald Mentink, who passed away on April 9.

And we’re happy to receive Nick & Courtney Hilbelink into our FRC family via Reaffirmation of Faith and we celebrate the baptism of their daughter, Ava Sue Hilbelink! This Editor is having trouble keeping track of all the children God is bringing under our care! Should someone start recruiting more Sunday School teachers, say for Sept., 2026?!

Fifteen volunteers prepped and served 30 families in last week’s food distribution. These stats are amazing: each family received $106.50 worth of groceries but FRC only paid $18.50 per family. Kudos to our resident Coupon Queens, to our trusty food and $ donors and to those who endlessly donate their time to this ministry!

☑ Brat Fry & Bake Sale on Sat., April 27th at Mentink’s Pig…funds go to Love INC. Mark your calendar!

☑ Attendance last Sunday was 372. The Offering topped $24,729. Overall online giving and envelope giving were at a near 50/50 split. This Editor wonders how we could convert more people to giving online?! Maybe the old commercial adage: Try it, you’ll like it? Prize to anyone who emails this Editor with what product used that slogan. No googling!

The Pine Haven Oostburg campus has immediate openings. Referrals appreciated, or schedule a visit today by contacting Lynn Justinger at 920.550.5227.

☑ April Special Offering is designated for Kyle & Jayne Wenig who minister at UW-Madison and Edgewood College with Athletes in Action. 

☑ No Fly Zone.  With Pastor Bob on sabbatical, please refrain from emails, texts or calls to his number as he will not be responding!  For pastoral care needs go direct to Pastor Brian at or call 920.287.5198; for RCA business, contact Bill TeWinkle at; and for general inquiries, contact either Jill or Peg in the office at 920.564.2319 and we’ll get you to where you need to go!


This week, our Beat Reporter learned that the High Five leaders - Joanna Thomack, Robbie & Kami Van Ginkel and Lori and Brian Taylor - were inspired by, and incredibly grateful to see the passion and engagement of our 5th graders to dive into scripture and deepen their relationship with the Lord at their overnight retreat last weekend. Investing in the spiritual growth of our kids is an important priority at FRC. And we thank the High Five leaders mentioned above for their commitment in the lives and hearts of these kids!


Sunday, April 14

9:00 AM: Today we welcome guest pastor - Dr. Felix Theonugraha, President of Western Theological Seminary.  “The God Who Meets Us  Where We Are” Luke 24:36-48 

10:15 AM: Discussion with Dr. Felix (Fellowship Hall)

6:30 PM: ACTS 29 Group

Monday, April 15

Taxes due (just checking if you’re reading…)

6:15 PM - Elders Meeting

7:00 PM - Consistory Meeting

Tuesday, April 16

9:00 AM - Prayer Circle (Leader: Ann Lammers and Hostess: Rita Harmeling)

1:30 PM - Stitching for a Cause

Wednesday, April 17

6:15-7:15 PM - Uth Group (Sanctuary)


NOW - JUN 3: Pastor Bob’s Sabbatical

APR 21: Uth Sunday - “Love Long in the Land”  Speaker: Justin Oliver

APR 21: Deacon’s Meeting (11 AM)

APR 27: Brat Fry & Bake Sale at Mentink’s Pig for Love INC (10am - 2 pm)

APR 28: Oma’s On Sunday fundraiser for Uth Ministry

APR 28: Last day of Sunday School (3 yr old-High School)

MAY 19: Graduate Sunday & Baccalaureate (2 PM)

JUN 12: Trek Back to the Ark

JUN 18-20: VBS adventure awaits! Mark your calendars (2:30 PM - 5:00 PM) 

JUN 23: Camp Manitoqua

AUG 1-4:  FRC Family Camping Weekend

SEP 7: Annual Men’s Golf Scramble at Autumn Ridge 


Pray for both Dale TenPas who is inpatient at St. Nick, fighting an infection and for Jean Kohls as she is a patient at the Aurora Hospital in Sheboygan undergoing testing. Pray for answers to the symptoms that Jean is experiencing. Also, pray for healing as Glenn Wynveen is inpatient at Sheboygan Aurora after suffering a stroke - family has reported positive signs with respect to his recovery. And entering the hospital this week is Shannon Van Ess who is scheduled to have double mastectomy surgery on Wednesday. Pray for the medical teams for all of these individuals and in Shannon’s case that the surgeons can remove all the cancer cells.

Keep praying for these FRC’ers who are recovering following surgery or hospital stays as this can be a trying time - Reese Dykstra (tear duct surgery), Karen Neustel who’s receiving treatment for an infection; and Brian Stecker, Sandy Brill, and Francine DeMaster (all joint replacements - was there some sort of sale we missed)? And pray for Vicki Ebbers who needs the pins in her foot to heal properly into the bone. And then there’s Aaron DeBlaey who broke his wrist just in time for his new baby to arrive. Someone needs to pray about his finesse with “timing”😉. All joking aside, keep the entire family in prayers as he has a 6-week recovery and a baby due very soon!

Continue praying diligently for those actively receiving cancer treatments - Terri Mentink, Mary Rauwerdink and Suzie Brusse. May God walk alongside each of them as their journey continues.

🙏This Week’s Prayer for Missions Focus: Bob and Amy Abel and their family and Bob’s ministry with Remember Nhu. Bob has submitted the following praises and prayer requests: 


  • Bringing on two new staff members.  A portion of their role will be to host new life camps.  This will allow us to have more camps each year.   
  • Timing works out for our whole family to visit WI in early June... Kwik Trip and Culvers here we come!


  • Amy is having health issues. She had a biopsy last week and praise God the results came back showing no
  • cancer!!  We are pretty certain she will be having surgery. So we ask for healing and if surgery is necessary, we ask for wisdom and peace about it.
  • I (Bob) have been struggling with a painful shoulder issue. We are grateful to find out that it is not a torn rotator cuff. We are praying for pain relief as we await the Lord’s healing and better sleep at night. Thus far the treatment isn’t really working and now our bank account hurts too (hahaha)
  • Wisdom and direction as I (Bob) plan trips to Nepal and Bolivia yet this year.  
  • This stinks (haha), we need to replace our septic system.  We are praying for the Lord’s provision and that things work out with our loan, etc.