Church Ministries

House of Praise Coordinator - Kathy Spencer
Choir Director
- Ann Daane
Freedom on the Inside
- Wayne Tripp
Church Website
- Jeremy Huenink
Head Usher
- Rick Lemkuil
- Dave Kwiatkowski
- Don Draayers, Dave Schreurs
- Jill Ludens
Pine Have Representative
- Jack Hoffmann
Library Committee Chairman
- Mary Roerdink
Kids Hope Director - Ann Daane

TV Ministry

Audio and video tapes are made of each morning service and available immediately after the service at the Information Center. Video tapes are distributed to hospitals and nursing homes, and the morning services are broadcast live on Cable Channel 14, as well as repeated throughout the week.

Library Ministry

The library ministry has a current listing of books, tapes, and videos for all ages. Stop in and browse before or after any worship service.

Visitor Ministry

This ministry seeks to welcome each new visitor to our church and provide them with dinner and fellowship after worship.