JUNE 9 - JUNE 15



FRC’s VBS Volunteer Response = #Wow! #PraiseTheLord #FRCInAction #Serve #ChurchFamilyTeamwork


Did You Get a Glimpse of the New Church Sign?  If not, why not take a leisurely stroll over to the NW side of the parking lot with your coffee in hand and take a look. Brownie points if you cause traffic to stop and watch our messaging😉. And yup, there will be landscaping around the sign (it’s a popular question)!

It’s TODAY (that’s Sunday, for our online readers)!  Stop by the Graduating into Summer Party at Gibbsville Park anytime from 3-6 pm. There is parking for Senior Saints and a drop off area by a sidewalk that leads to a cemented shelter with picnic tables (for those concerned about uneven grass surfaces). If able, BYOLC (Bring your own lawn chair)! PS: Pastor Brian’s been alerted he’s NOT to get a piece of pie until all others are served (don’t ya all want to see what happens if he’s actually deprived of a piece of apple pie?

Let's keep the momentum going! Last week, we set a bold target of 150 responses to the Serve Team's survey, and we're halfway there with 75 responses already in! Remember, this isn't about signing up for more work – you're already part of our incredible servant heart community, with each of you auto-assigned to a Work Group. The Serve Team's mission is to make sure you're matched with work that truly resonates with you. We've been granted an extension – another week to reach our goal! Can we count on 75 of you to step up and help us hit a home run by Mon., June 10th? Your input is so important, and it'll only take 2 minutes or less of your time. Let's make this happen together Church family! Click here or visit frcoostburg.org to access the survey.

Roving Reporter’s Adventures this week focused on getting in close with the Prayer Circle because, candidly, we needed them to pray that the rain would go away for today’s Graduating Into Summer Party!  They have a pretty strong connection with God as the weather forecast, as of this writing, is sunny, 67 degrees and no rain 🙏☀️ Special Investigative Reporter came along to the Prayer Circle and uncovered that Elaine Brill has a recipe for peach coffee cake that is phenomenal. We’d show you a picture but someone ate the evidence…

About the Men’s Prayer Breakfast …it sort of sounds like a happening place. Breakfast at Judi’s, with a short devotional, sharing prayer requests and spending time in prayer before the eating. We have to tell you, one of our FRC’ers just called church and said she believes the reason she’s able to handle her cancer journey is because of all the prayers being lifted up; she then asked that we please keep praying. Men - how about giving 1.25 hours of your time on Sat. July 6th to join in this powerful opportunity of prayer? The food & fellowship is a bonus!  Sign up is not required but if you’d be willing, it simply helps in the planning. Click here to register.

Vacation … for the next few weeks our Organist will be taking a few, well deserved weeks off. If you’d like to get a few practice rounds in for next week’s songs, check these out by googling or, online readers can click on the  links:


✅ Our Christian sympathy is extended to Don & Jill Ludens, Lu & Craig Mentink and their families in the passing of Don and Lu’s brother, Jim Ludens, on June 1st. Jim’s funeral is June 11 in Kalamazoo, MI.

✅ The Deacons have designated the June Special Offering (aka “pink offering”) to a local family in need. This family needs assistance in multiple areas so any help you can provide is greatly appreciated! After just one week of giving, we’re at $410 (thank you so much)!

✅ We’re invited to the Annual One Day Bible Study on Sat., July 20 from 9:00am to 3:00pm at Oostburg CRC! You’ll study through the entire book of Esther! Digesting a whole book of the Bible in one sitting provides meaningful context and produces deep insights. Esther demonstrates the complications of a life of sin and compromise, yet there is redemption for her when she realizes her dire predicament and her need for a rescuer. Cost for the event is $10 to cover lunch and a study guide. Register today at firstcrcoostburg.org/StudyEsther.  

Love INC - new opportunities available to support the ministry. Check out the Putt Fore Love Golf Outing & Fundraiser as well as the product donation needs for the Love INC Gap Ministry (some easy stuff needed - brooms, towel sets, frying pans, etc.). Check out Love INC’s bulletin board on your way to coffee fellowship. 

Save the Date: July 21st is the Family Mini-Golf & Brat Fry at Sunset Hills sponsored by Men’s Ministries (Watch upcoming bulletins for details!)⛳ Another great opportunity for families & fellowship!

Attendance last Sunday was 356. The Offering was $12,498. The average weekly giving needed to meet budget is $19,135.   



9 AM: Worship
“Deliverance | Blessings & Bitterness“ - Pastor Bob
Scripture: Exodus 1:1-22 

10:30 AM Deacon’s Meeting (Fellowship Hall)

10:30 AM VBS Helper Training (Shed)

3:00 - 6 PM Summer Party - Gibbsville Park

6:30 PM ACTS 29 Bible Study


1:30 PM Stitching for a Cause

6:00 - 7 PM Food Pick-Up (Parsonage)


6:30 AM Trek II the Ark


6/16 Worship
“Deliverance |The Irony“  - Pastor Bob
Scripture: Exodus 2:1-10 

JUN 18-20: VBS adventure awaits! (2:30 PM - 5 PM) 

JUN 23: Camp Manitoqua

JUL 6: Men’s Prayer Breakfast (6 AM, Judi’s)

JUL 21: Family Mini-Golf & Brat Fry at Sunset Hills 

JUL 31: Noah’s Ark (area incoming 6th - 8th graders)

AUG 1-4:  FRC Family Camping Weekend

SEP 4: Grill & Chill 

SEP 7: Annual Men’s Golf Scramble at Autumn Ridge 


We have a couple of FRC’ers recovering from recent hospital stays - pray for healing, recovering of strength & mobility and pain management for Dean Mentink (knee replacement), Makenna Hoffmann (tonsils & adenoids - pray also her parents provide adequate doses of ice cream, and in her favorite flavors), Henry Teunissen (complicated gall bladder surgery and infection), Rita Harmeling (broken leg - in rehabilitation at Rocky Knoll), Nyande Josiah (foot surgery) and Mary Ann Trgovec (pneumonia).

And, updates on prayers needed for those on a cancer journey - Jean Kohls has had some rough weeks and is in a new chemo regimen (next dose on June 20), Shannon Van Ess is recovering from surgery and has 3 weeks of radiation remaining, Suzie Brusse is beginning immunotherapy and is recovering from a slight fracture on her shoulder, Mary Rauwerdink is recovering from a chemo treatment last week and Terri Mentink continues on a chemo maintenance plan.  

Our Trek 2 the Ark crew leaves on Wed. morning. Let’s pray for safe travel and an inspirational experience at the Ark Encounter! 

Also this week, we’re focusing prayers on Ben and Becca Johnson and their family as they serve in Thailand.