Temporary Help Urgently Needed.  We need your help filling the following positions for VBS. We’re pretty sure you’ll find this experience uplifting and honestly, your help will be invaluable. Check out the needs below and either sign-up online or contact Lori Taylor or the Church Office at 920.564.2319. Here’s what we need:

  • A “Check-In/Out” person.  Greet kids, ask for their name, put a check by their name and hand them a name tag. Easy but critical for keeping our kids safe and secure! Tue-Thur, June 18-20th (2 - 2:45 PM and 4:45 - 5:15 PM)
  • A Floater (adult).  Help out with random things that come up unexpectedly and be the additional pair of hands the VBS Leads often need. You know, like if we’re expecting 80 kids and 90 appear we may need some extra craft supplies organized or snacks put in baggies … etc.! Tue-Thur, June 18-20th (2:00 PM - 5:15 PM). 
  • Helper. Our precious kids need helpers to guide them between their rotations of storytime, singing, games, etc.). Pretty easy stuff! Tue-Thur, June 18-20th (2:00 PM - 5:15 PM) - a short training required on Sun., June 9 at 10:30 AM. 
  • A photographer. We want to capture the kids in action as they learn about Jesus! This is simply someone wandering around and catching the action on their phone (or a camera if there’s any official Photographer’s among us)! Just need you to pop in for maybe an hour each day to catch various happenings - singing, story time, crafts, snacks, etc. Tue-Thur, June 18-20th (roughly 2:30-3:30 but there’s flexibility)!
  • “Ouch Coordinator” (apply band aids, dab tears, etc.). Thur. Only, June 20 (2:15 PM - 5:00 PM)

The Outdoor Digital Sign Has Arrived! Roving Reporter caught glimpses of the new digital church sign being installed just a few days ago on the northwest side of the parking lot. Roving then ran into our FRC electrical wizards - Ken Tebeest and Mike Soerens running electricity to the sign and proceeded to learn about cables, conduits, junction boxes, circuits, and transformers. Roving made a quick exit just in case our electricians thought it would be “fun” to talk about Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters or Geothermal Energy… We’re thankful also to Wayne Opgenorth who has an amazing memory of the original wiring scheme and to Roger Oonk who helped navigate numerous angles with this installation.  If you missed our earlier coverage about the sign, it was acquired with grant money from the RCA - WI Classis and we hope to be posting messages that will provide information and outreach to our FRC family and the greater Oostburg community. The goal is to have it fully operational this upcoming week.


T-7 Days until the Graduating Into Summer party. Get signed up now ya’ all or you’ll risk having to share a piece of pie with Pastor Brian, and let us tell you, Pastor Brian is very possessive about his pie. You can sign up at frcoostburg.org and stop by Gibbsville Park on June 9th anytime between 3 PM - 6 PM! We’ve got pie, brownies, ice cream, coffee, bingo, yard games, kickball, and our very own “Master of Ceremonies” (guess who? Here’s your hint: we promise to keep his ‘word count’ to a minimum…)! This is a great opportunity for connecting and welcoming Pastor Bob back from sabbatical! PIE & BROWNIE-MAKERS: we’re hoping your pie makes it to the FRC kitchen by Sat. evening. If you think of it, label it for us cause we don’t know …is there a visible difference between apple and dutch apple? Or, strawberry and strawberry rhubarb? Or banana and coconut cream? See the dilemma the planning team is anticipating?! The alternative to solving this is for the event team to taste test every pie…

The SERVE Team has been busy reshaping how to organize our serve / volunteer opportunities. They are on a mission to collect just a few tidbits of information from our FRC family. So we put our Special Investigative Reporter “in action” to get the scoop. We report this information collection is a piece of cake (after clicking here it took less than 2 minutes to complete). In fact, after typing in your first and last name you simply click on any & all buttons of things you have an interest in, or capabilities to help with, should a need arise. It’s sort of just like today’s “Work Groups” … which get called maybe two times a year. SERVE simply wants to capture a little more information so that when we need volunteers, we have a shot at calling people who really like the kind of work we have! This Editor loves goals and numbers … remember how we strived for reaching 400 in worship attendance (thank you all for fulfilling that goal 😉), Now - how about we set a goal of 150 people completing the short questionnaire! Can we do this by the end of the weekend? Is it too lofty? We think not! Will you help us out and knock this off your “to do list” (you have one, right? Cause they are really fun)!

LAST CHANCE! Final preparations are underway for VBS at FRC & FPO (First Presbyterian)! Only about 2 weeks until the start of VBS. If you haven’t signed up your child yet, you’re liv’in on the edge! Your kiddo won’t want to miss the fun! If you’re reading this online, sign-up HERE, like now! 


June’s Special Offering, This June our Special Offering is dedicated to helping a local family in need. The Deacons have been working closely with this family and have identified some urgent needs like housing, a vehicle, and extra groceries. Your contribution (any amount) will make a real difference in their lives. Thank you for considering how you can help this family.

There’s still time to donate to the May Special Offering which is for the 2025 Uth trip to Nicaragua. There is much interest in this trip (a wait list, in fact) since we first promoted the mission opportunity last week!  Month-to-date collected is $753.


Save the Date: July 21st is the Mini-Golf & Brat Fry at Sunset Hills sponsored by Men’s Ministries (Watch upcoming bulletins for details!)

Missed a Week? If you missed reading the bulletin for a week, we’ve got you covered! You can now find a month’s worth of past bulletin inserts on frcoostburg.org. Click on NEWS and then PAST BULLETINS (on the left side, just above the FRC Calendar). No additional subscription fees apply.

Attendance last Sunday was 287. The Offering was $15,058. The average weekly giving needed to meet budget is $19,135.   



9 AM: Worship & the Lord’s Supper
“Concerning Spiritual Gifts“
Scripture: I Corinthians 12: 1-26


9 AM Prayer Circle (Hostess: Elaine)

1:30 PM Stitching for a Cause

5:30 PM Deacons (Refugee Team) Mtg in Library


6:15 PM Trek II the Ark Mtg (Fellowship Hall)


1 PM Mission Circle (Ldr = Mary R, Lesson 5; and Hostess is Ann L. Editor available for leftovers…)


NOW - JUN 3: Pastor Bob’s Sabbatical

Next Sunday‘s sermon:
“Deliverance | Blessings & Bitterness“ Pastor Bob 
Scripture: Exodus 1:1-22 

JUN 9: Deacon’s Mtg (North F.Hall at 10:30 AM)

JUN 9:  VBS Helper Training (Shed at 10:30 AM)

JUN 9:  Graduating into Summer Party (Gibbsville Park). If rained out - Fellowship Hall

JUN 12-15: Trek Back to the Ark

JUN 18-20: VBS adventure awaits! (2:30 PM - 5 PM) 

JUN 23: Camp Manitoqua

JUL 6: Men’s Prayer Breakfast (Judi’s)

JUL 21: Mini-Golf & Brat Fry at Sunset Hills 

JUL 31: Noah’s Ark (area incoming 6th - 8th graders)

AUG 1-4:  FRC Family Camping Weekend

SEP 4: Grill & Chill 

SEP 7: Annual Men’s Golf Scramble at Autumn Ridge 


Prayers for Henry Teunissen as he recuperates from surgery this past week; Rita Harmeling as she receives rehab at Rocky Knoll Health Care Center in Plymouth following a broken tibia (lower leg); Nyande Josiah who needs prayers for continued healing and positive results as she recovers from surgery on her ankle / foot; and finally, Mary Ann Trgovec is experiencing a recurrence of pneumonia and is in need of your prayers of healing.

We are praising God and celebrating with Suzie Brusse as she had a clean scan this week! She’ll begin immunotherapy next week. And pray that Shannon Van Ess recovers quickly from her surgery last Wed. and as she continues to receive radiation treatment for about 4 more weeks. Pray for Jean Kohls as she’s awaiting a start date for a new cancer treatment plan. And Mary Rauwerdink & Terri Mentink continue with chemo care - pray for minimal side effects and quick recoveries between sessions.

 🙏 This week, we're lifting up Pastor Elijah and his ministry with Living Hope Uganda. Here are the prayer requests he's shared:

  1. Kapeke Church: Pray for the completion of the toilet roof, seating installation, sound system setup, and guidance for Pastor Henry Buwembo and his congregation.
  2. Agriculture: Pray for stable weather for the over four acres of corn planted. The crops need consistent rainfall for healthy growth.
  3. Luwero Church Plant: Pray for the new church in Luwero. The land is secured, and pastors are ready, but they need spiritual support.
  4. Peace in Uganda: Pray for ongoing peace so that the gospel can be preached freely across the nation.
  5. Pastor Elijah and Team: Pray for strength and provision for Pastor Elijah, his family, and his team, especially as they navigate challenges in reaching remote areas.
  6. Financial Support: Pray for continued generosity in funding to support the ministry's goals. While the gospel is freely given, resources are needed to spread it effectively.

Let’s keep those in residential and assisted living in our prayers routinely! Ginny Bourne, Fay Mentink, EJ Caljouw, Wayne Tripp, Anita Daane, Neil & Phyllis Vander Ploeg, Wayne Huenink, Linda Vander Weele, Muriel Ledeboer, Lyle (Duff) Ver Velde