Toby Thomack

- Worship & Youth Pastor

The oldest of three boys, Toby grew up in Germantown, and Manawa, WI. He shares common interests and the character of most people in Wisconsin: sports, the outdoors, hard work and family. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he also was in the marching band and involved with Cru. In August of 2011, he completed his Masters in Theology with a major in pastoral leadership from Dallas Theological Seminary.

A couple other interesting skill sets that will help him in his work here. He worked for six summers on a framing crew. He was the Lead Video Conferencing Engineer and Media Support Technician at Dallas Theological Seminary. Toby worked with Fellowship Bible Church in Dallas for the last four years of Seminary as the 4th/5th grade director and later the Children’s Pastor. Toby has a variety of experiences including Amazon Outreach mission to Manaus, Brazil and a trip to Israel. Toby is deeply committed to the scriptures, family ministry and spiritual formation.

His Wife Joanna, originally from Onalaska, WI served at the same Christian Camp in Iowa where Toby worked over his summers in college. Joanna has served a church as their director of youth ministries and her spiritual gifs and passion for the Lord are sure to be a blessing to us as well. Everett John is their first child born in May of 2011and in July of 2013 they were blessed with twins, Eleanor Rae and Samuel Just.